2nd face T.O. in the box...

Does your team use a professional 2nd face t.o?

What does your second face turn look like?

Do you use 2nd Face T.O.'s in your F&I department?

If you do not, then your issues are beyond the scope of this article...

A good second face t.o. like any selling strategy should be based on a well thought out game plan.

A sample plan follows:

You should have parameters worked out in advance for when a 2nd face will be employed. You should also decide if you plan on rolling gross back to close products. Know what the minimum profit amounts will be when the turn is handed over; a floor that the 1st manager will not go below before requesting a turn.

Next: you must have valid reason to bring another face into the deal.

Fortunately, there are plenty of valid administrative reasons to do so. Here's just three:

1. Check that the cash down has been properly documented and reciepted.

2. All paperwork to this point is signed and nothing has been omitted.

3. The trade title has been collected,...

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Most everyone has heard of the Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule. It states that 80% of outputs come from 20% of the inputs or 20% of the efforts lead to 80% of the results.
Sales penetration works the same way. 20% of the customers buying cars contribute 80% of the gross profit generated in your store both in F&I and sales, 20% of the sales people generate 80% of the cars sold, etc.
To explain re-penetration I’ll use the obligatory sports analogy. Our football hero’s aren’t remembered for the many times that they failed to gain yardage or were tackled behind the line of scrimmage. No, they are revered for gaining that extra yard on their way down from a tackle with three guys on theire back. They are remembered for turning a good play into a great play by gaining an extra yard or two. In any given year, the number one golfer in the world and the hundredth ranked golfer are separated by less than one average of stroke per round....

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On quoting payments...

Your customer should have agreed to a payment before they go to F&I.


Because F&I is in business to make a profit, sell products and deliver cars.

The old school says that F&I should close on the payment. That was true back in the days of “reverse disclosure”.

Reverse disclosure involved a three step process;

1. F&I quoted the “loaded” payment in the “box”

2. F&I started signing paper to pass time and let the customer “come down from the ceiling”.

3. F&I began having the customer sign the product contracts with a statement like “If you car breaks down, you’ll be glad to know that you will only have a small deductible.” and then on to the next form.

The Car Guy, has confidence in the fact that he has sold the car. He knows that the customer isn’t going to blowout. He worked with his desk manager and landed the customer on the right car, the first time. The Car Guy Desk...

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How to add $100 to your F&I PVR...

To add $100 to your Finance Department’s PVR
do the following on a consistent basis.

1. Be Efficient
2. Spend Down Time At The Sales Desk
3. Train Your Sales Force
4. Reconcile Charge Backs
5. 100% Interview/Menu
6. Daily Save-A-Deal
7. Train – Invest In Yourself
8. Second Face T.O.
9. Use Closes And Visuals
10. Attitude Is Everything
Be Efficient
o Be organized
o Touch deal paperwork once
o Have a solid deal flow
o Have a deal check list for F&I and Sales

The #1 F&I time waster is correcting problems.
Use your time generating profit!
Spend Downtime At The Sales Desk
o Be proactive
o Get involved early and often
o Bring added value

Be a part of the solution. Help structure the deals!
Train Your Sales Force
o Train on using worksheets with customers
o Train on ranging payments
o Train on cash down
o Train on setting  T.O. expectations
o Train on handling F&I questions
o Train on using the delivery board, checklists, etc.

You get the idea train them on all facets of the deal!


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