The secret of car sales success...ssshhhh!

I hear it all day long.

How does Johnny Bustout sell so many cars?

How does Mega Dealership with those crappy franchises make those kinds of grosses?

Joe Blow must be a thief, no one can run that PVR without stealing!

Everyone is looking for the secret.

Everyone is looking for the short cut to glory.

A book on the New York Times best seller list is called “The Secret“.

Anthony Robbins has made millions and millions of dollars by letting people in on the secret. On his cd's Anthony Robbins tells people to take action, now. Apply his advice to your life consistently and you are guaranteed to have success.

Most adults understand, if you are fat and want to lose weight. you must exercise more and eat less. Yet, millions are generated yearly, by new books claiming to hold the secret to weight loss.

In the current car market, there are many challenges to making profit; too many dealerships, overlapping franchises and model options, the economy, unit...

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Pinky rings and gold medallions...

Remember back when you got into the biz?

One half of the salespeople on the floor were green peas. The other half of the floor were a bunch of very crusty older car guys. They had huge pinky rings, with some kind of coin in the face and giant golden medallions around their necks, proudly displayed like an Olympic medal.

The car guys spent most of the day smoking cigarettes at their desk, drinking two or three pots of jet black coffee and reading the newspaper to get caught up on the OTB from the day before. Meanwhile you, the green pea, were involved in massive amounts of “sales activity” from studying the new product manuals, picking up the sales manager’s dry cleaning or moving the lot around for the third time that week.

After mid-day, buyers would begin materializing at the car guy’s desk. It was like they were beamed in by Scotty on Star Trek. “Where the hell did he get that one?” the sweat covered green pea...

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