Selling is a social sport...

Selling is a social sport.

When you step on the field (lot) to take an up, you are entering into a situation that is controlled by social dynamics. 

Let's say you approach a customer that's looking at a car in the front row. Walking up to her you extend your hand and say "Hello, welcome to Mega Dealership, my name's Buster."

Guaranteed; what are the next three words out of her mouth?

"I'm just looking..."

Now, lets change the dynamic a little. Same customer, same venue, but this time when you walk up, she knows that you are the banker that has the power to approve or deny the loan on her new car. Do you think she might treat you differently?

Why? Because as a salesperson, you begin the conversation with a lower social status than the customer. The banker, at least for the moment. (until he tells her the terms of the loan) has a stronger status than the customer because she will most likely yield control over the conversation to him because she wants information about the car loan. Once he tells her the terms of the loan, she will retake control or social status because she has the power to reward the banker with the sale of the loan.

Social Status = Control.

So, how does the Car Guy gain control of the customer?

Control in the social dynamic comes from trust.

Trust comes from having rapport with someone.

Rapport can be built by asking questions.

Usually, the person asking the questions is in control...

Think about it like a doctor's visit.

If you went to see Doctor A and told him that you had a pain and he said to you "Take these pills and call me Tuesday."

Or you go to Doctor B and he asks you:

"Where does it hurt?" "How long has it hurt?" "Does the pain come and go?" What were you doing when you first noticed the pain?" "Is it a shooting, burning or aching pain?"

Who's medicine do you want to take?

The faster you can increase your social status by being trusted by your customers the sooner you will be in control of the deal.

Deal control = increase in gross profit!


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