A simple success plan...

Car Guys and Gals are the hardest working group of sales people on earth!

Often working six days a week, 12 – 15 hour days with sometimes no day off, car people work in a stressful environment. Car people must generate the highest levels of profitability, volume and CSI.

At any moment in the Car Guy’s day he might be showing a customer where the Parts Department is, while a referral waits at his desk, F&I is paging him (because he missed the new car mileage), he has a call waiting on line 4 as he ducks into the lunch room to try and choke down just one bite of ice cold pizza and his manager is calling him out onto the lot because he thinks he is trying to avoid snow removal.

Oh, yeah…his wife is still on line 4 wanting to know why he isn’t headed home for Johnny’s Christmas play.

Most car people will never reach their true potential or the level of success that they desire because they are completely out of balance.

They are so busy trying to take care or please the Customer, Dealer, GM, Sales Manager and their family, they forget that they need to take care of themselves BEFORE they can effectively take care of everything else. Continued Education, self-improvement, exercise, healthy food choices or family first all take a back seat to the pressures of the job. I have seen it for years…the highest flyers have the hardest falls; drugs, broken families, health problems and worse. It’s cliché: “Did you hear about so and so?…yeah sad, he crushed it back in the day….”.

A wise man told me once, “Geoff, have a plan or you will become part of someone else’s”.

This post is about how with a plan you can get back in balance and back on track to how you define success.

The Simple Success Plan:

The Golden Rule – Due unto others as you want done unto you.

It is easy to understand the main precept here; be good to others. It is even easier to overlook the other component of this statement. You should treat yourself well. You should take care of your self and honor yourself promises. This is where healthy self-esteem comes from. You cannot have lasting success without healthy self-esteem.

Success; everyone wants it.

Success = achievement of a desired result.

I prefer this definition:

Success = consistent progress toward the achievement of a desired result.

My definition allows you more wins which = continued motivation.

Most dramatic change is unsustainable. Smaller changes are more actionable and more easily managed.

Continue to do the same things = same results.

You know the one change that you should make at this moment that will set you on the path to the success you desire.

The Simple Success Plan:

1. Decide to treat yourself well

2. Honor your self-promises

3. Decide what you want

4. Determine what needs to change to get you on the path to that result

5. Break those changes down into small actionable changes and goals

6. Take consistent action on those changes

7. Be aware of your results

8. Celebrate your victories

Focus is the key.

Feed your subconscious only good thoughts and affirmations about your achievement of  your goal. Do not pay attention to any set backs or failures. If you have a lapse, pick your self back up and continue on.

Be kind to yourself as you would be kind to your best friend in the same situation.

Take action, now and make more coin today!



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