3 Pro-Tips to maximize your happiness in the car business...

I've had several calls over the last couple of weeks from folks that were unhappy about their current situations, for various reasons, and looking for help securing a new position. Recruiting assistance is an important reason Dealers choose GB&Co. and I am always looking to help. More often than not people are looking for someone to listen and give them perspective; I do my best.

The reasons they call are varied but usually fall into one of three types of complaints:
1. "I have to make money. I can't afford to work here."
2. "This place sucks. Johnny went over to XYZ dealership and is making $$$"
3. "If I left, this place would fall apart; I do everything."

Having placed literally hundreds of sales people, sales managers, F&I managers and G.M.s, I can tell you that there are thoughts to consider before you get frustrated and plan your escape...

Enter my advice:

1. Have a realistic opinion of your own value...
I have never met a person in any position in any dealership that thought that they were overpaid. You are not worth your best month's commission times twelve.

We write our own paychecks in this biz, based on our performance. Average your last couple of year's income and add a reasonable increase based on how you plan to ratchet up your output.
You'll have a more realistic idea of your short term potential. In the car business, there seems to be a correlation between a low credit score and an immediate need for an increase in compensation.

2. Stay in one place for a long time...
Quit chasing the "shining thing!" The grass is never greener on the other side of the street. How many of the roaming from dealer to dealer gypsies have you seen hit it big? Follow the Survivor motto...outwit, outplay and outlast!

3. Remember, you are part of a team...
I've seen too many people, who were in excellent positions, leave those situations and fail miserably because their egos had convinced them that they were "Rock Stars". The people you work with and for add value to your production in ways you probably have never even considered. Analyze your situation throughly before seeking to move. Even though a dealer may take you back, it's never the same. You can never go home.

If you are planning on moving and changing positions because of any or all of these issues, I can guarantee you will have these same problems at the new store.



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