2nd face T.O. in the box...

Does your team use a professional 2nd face t.o?

What does your second face turn look like?

Do you use 2nd Face T.O.'s in your F&I department?

If you do not, then your issues are beyond the scope of this article...

A good second face t.o. like any selling strategy should be based on a well thought out game plan.

A sample plan follows:

You should have parameters worked out in advance for when a 2nd face will be employed. You should also decide if you plan on rolling gross back to close products. Know what the minimum profit amounts will be when the turn is handed over; a floor that the 1st manager will not go below before requesting a turn.

Next: you must have valid reason to bring another face into the deal.

Fortunately, there are plenty of valid administrative reasons to do so. Here's just three:

1. Check that the cash down has been properly documented and reciepted.

2. All paperwork to this point is signed and nothing has been omitted.

3. The trade title has been collected, signed correctly and is valid.

The purpose of a second face T.O. is to close on products and make additional gross profit. But a good 2nd face t.o. process also protects CSI and against bring-backs.

Now let's look at the sales opportunities that arise from our administrative 2nd face T.O.

1. Making sure the down stoke is in the house to saves lives. The life you save could be your own, if you have the psycho G.M. If the customer isn't putting much down, it is also a great intro into probing why the customer is not taking advantage of the GAP program. Low down payment is also a great VSC close setup. y asking how long it took them to save the dough you can figure how long they will be without a ride while they are saving up for the repair.

2. By checking over the balance of the paperwork you can determine opportunities to go back after Life and Health based on who's on the contract together and other factors shown on their app and bureau.

3. Looking over the title is a great way to start a conversation about the quality of their trade. Maybe you know someone who is looking for a similar car and you'd like to know more about their car's history before you recommend it to your friend. Did they have any problems with it? Did they come out of pocket to have them fixed? Hmmm, I smell a service contract close coming...

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