Trust. Communication. Quality

Geoff Brown and Company is an independent general agency.

We represent only the highest quality, nationally recognized F&I products and sales training solutions to automobile, marine and powersports dealers. Dealers that are looking for maximum impact sales training and custom F&I product solutions to increase income velocity and retention with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Our business is built on creating dealer income opportunities. A strong "Road to the Sale" process that is supported by frequent sales training is just the beginning. You must have the right people in the right positions, offering the right products to maximize and retain income. We will help you to recruit the best.

Doing business with Geoff Brown and Company gives a dealer a massive competitive advantage. Dealers that are locked in with a single line provider often only have access to a limited selection of mass marketed F&I products that appear to be designed to maximize the vendor's pay plan; not solving today's customer problems. We provide flexible product options that increase the frequency of  income opportunities. We can private label and customize F&I products with any back-end structure.

We charge no consulting or training fees.  We make money selling contracts.

Our pricing is based on volume.

Our long term relationships with top 100 dealer groups are our CSI score.

Whether we provide one product or service the entire dealer group with all product offerings, we are committed to your success and satisfaction.

I put my name on it.

Trust. Communication. Quality.


"These are non-negotiable; the basis for all that we offer."

- Geoff Brown


F&I Product Solutions

Environmental Protection Contracts
Paint Sealant Contracts
Interior Protection Contracts
Vehicle Service Contracts (VSC)
High Mile Vehicle Service Contracts
Lifetime Powertrain Warranty Contracts
Certified Pre-Owned Warranty Contracts
Pre-Paid Maintenance Contracts
GAP Contracts
Wheel and Tire Contracts
Dent and Ding Contracts
Security/Theft Deterent Contracts
Key Fob Replacement Contracts
Roadside Assistance Contracts
Credit Life Insurance
Credit Disability/Health Insurance
Windshield Repair/Replacement Contracts
Multi-Product Service Contracts

Dealer Services

Profit Model 5:Blueprint
Reinsurance Company Structure/Formation
Dealer Volume Bonus Structures
Dealer Retrospective Commission
Pay Plan Analysis/Development
Incentive Contest Administration
Recruiting - All Departments
Menu Software
Inventory Management Software
Dealer Income Development
Income Retention Analysis

Sales Training Solutions

"Road to the sale" Training
Team Process Training
F&I Product and Sales Training
Menu Presentation Training
"Coaching the Coach" Training
"One on One" GM Training
Service Writer Sales Training

Geoff Brown and Company provides Front End, F&I product, Service solutions and automotive sales training. Geoff Brown and Company offers front end sales training on "The Road to the Sale", F&I training, menu selling training and service training. F&I product solutions for vehicle service contracts, GAP, prepaid maintenance, road hazard tire, environmental protection and security products. Geoff Brown and Company offers custom F&I product solutions and backend structures, F&I training and sales training solutions to automobile, marine and powersports dealers.